Friday, 4 April 2014

How to quit smoking

I will start my blog by saying that I use to be a smoker. I once tried smoking during my teenage years. Some says it was peer pressure or probably curiosity or just simply exploring your adolescent stage and stating your identity of being independent and growing as a young adult.

I was very luck I would say because at an early stage, I already realized that smoking is not for me. It was not more of health reasons or better lifestyle but it was in my control. I realized smoking is not for me.... it's not me.  Also I don't like the taste of it on my palate or it leaves an after-taste on my tongue. So, that was my basis of quitting smoking.  The good news is that I got here my top 3 ebooks that are totally free for you guys to help quit smoking and improve your lifestyle. 

Here's the top 3 quit smoking eBooks list:

1. You can quit smoking 

Quit smoking quickly and safely. A very short ebook but informative and effective. The answer lies in your hands.

2. Quit smoking

Kick that habit, quit smoking, and learn to live a smoke free lifestyle.

Win battles against nicotine and live free. Be determined and quit smoking today not tomorrow.

This is a free eBook and the good thing about Pay As You Want is that you can already download this book and read it and if you think it's worth a pound, you can always come back here and pay as you want. You are not oblige. Also if you find that this is a brilliant book then pay as you think its worth.

Note: This is a PDF file and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this.

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